Building legacy while living life with passion

Join Colleen as she explores the majesty of the landscape and wildlife of Africa intermingled with the most abject poverty, oppressive regimes and chronic injustices imposed by mankind on itself anywhere on our planet. 

Experience the sights, sounds, and yes, smells, of Africa through her incredible story telling as Colleen and 9 others fly into Mombasa, Kenya where they meet the Land Rovers they had fund-raised for, purchased, and shipped. From there, drive with the team as they drive the badly needed vehicles to Zambia and Democratic Republic of Congo where they are donated to partners of International Needs Canada. David Marshall, Executive Director of International Needs Canada lead the team of professionals and business leaders with a vision to build capacity at their partner sites throughout those countries.

Witness the experiences that spurred Colleen, as the only female Umojee, to change her perspective and begin to view life from the lens of legacy.

Many people gain success yet never feel fulfilled because they are not living according to their purpose. Often, life’s circumstances keep us trapped in a rut and powerless to change. But overcoming obstacles and adversity, births confidence and appreciation for what you have. When you begin to view life through a lens of legacy you discover that fulfillment isn’t as much about sharing what you have earned, it’s about sharing what you have learned. Then you will know your value, your purpose and your worth and begin to live a life of passion and inner peace.

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