GUILT: The Secret War of Successfull Women

Unravel the threads of guilt from all aspects of your life

Are you struggling to always meet other people’s expectations?

How often do you wear a mask to hide your true feelings, whether at home or at work, to give the impression that you have it all together when inside you are stressed out?

Are you striving to have it all and be it all to everyone and still stay true to yourself?

Colleen H Cole, President of a successful waterproofing franchised business, has faced the challenges of every successful woman: struggling to balance business demands with family, keeping the image of a strong woman in a male dominated industry, wanting to be there for everyone. Colleen bravely shares her life story of raising a family, building a successful business and discovering the real Colleen and a new passion for life after her husband of 35 years died of ALS. You will learn how to…

  • acknowledge you’re in a war;
  • determine who the real enemy is;
  • train for the fight;
  • study the tactics;

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